Information Technology A to Z Index

Employee Support

Outlook Room Reservations

This article demonstrates how to schedule a meeting and find a room for the meeting. Faculty and staff can also reserve an IT computer lab or conference room using Room Finder.

Passwords & Accounts: Employee

This article discusses passwords and accounts for EKU employees.

Email Setup: Employees

Activate your email for EKU employees.

Information Technology Checklist: New Employees

IT checklist for new employees.

Blackboard: Basics

Blackboard at EKU serves as a resource for students and instructors to enhance their learning and teaching experience.

Banner: Basics

Information about the Banner software, training, and documentation. 

Email Setup on Android Phone: Employee

Instructions for setting up employee email accounts on Android phones and mobile devices.

Voicemail Options: Employees

This article is for EKU employees and discusses the voicemail service.

Spam Filter

Information about spam and malware filtering at EKU.

Email Setup on iOS Phone: Employee

Instructions for setting up email on iOS phones and mobile devices for employees.