Information Technology A to Z Index

Web Support

W: Drive for EKU Students

This article is about the W: Drive for EKU students.

Applying for Admission in EKUDirect

Step by step directions for applying for admission through EKUDirect.

Report a Broken Link

How to report a broken link, 404 error or Page Not Found error.

Spam Filter

Information about spam and malware filtering at EKU.

CMS: Preparing for Training

Prepare for a content management system training session.

CMS: Request a Web Site

Request a web site for your area. 

Passwords & Passphrases

This article discusses how to create better passwords and passphrases.


How to connect to the Wired/Ethernet in EKU Residence Halls.

Web Writing: Best Practices

Guidelines, tips, and hints for writing more effective web content. This article is for students, faculty and staff.

Microsoft Office Home Use Program

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for EKU Employees