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IT Support

Email: Recover Deleted Emails

This article is for employees that need to recover an email deleted from their inbox within 60 days of deletion.

Check Room Availability

How to check to see if a room is available to reserve.

Mac: MAC Address

Instructions on how to find the MAC address for ethernet or wireless networking card on a Mac computer.

CMS: Image Sizes

Image sizes for the Content Management System at EKU.

Lync Phone: Contacts

Sorting Contacts on Lync phone at EKU.

Lync Phone: Transfer & Conference Calls

Transfer calls and join for conference calls on Lync phone.

Lync Client: Chat (Instant Messaging)

Using the Lync Client for IM. (Chat or Instant Messaging)

iOS: Screenshot

Take a screenshot on your iphone.

Mac: Screenshot

Learn how to take pictures of the screen (screenshots) on a Mac. These screenshots are saved as files on the desktop.

Windows: Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on a Windows computer.